Notification of Acceptance ICIT 22

srPaper IDTitle
10905Design and Development of Stewart Platform To Balance the Ball Using Fuzzy Logic Control
21018Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Cataract Disease through Retinal Images
31139A Survey of the Resource Discovery Techniques in the Distributed Computing Systems
41270Application of Digital Twin in Smart Battery Electric Vehicle: Industry 4.0
51288A Compact Fractal Shaped 8-Elements Antenna Array for 5G mm-Wave Communication
61938White blood cells segmentation and classification using U-Net CNN and hand-crafted features
72064Urdu Text-to-Speech Conversion Using Deep Learning
821104x4 Butler Matrix for Wireless Communication and Beamforming Antenna Applications
92442Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks
102821A Socialized Geotagging Based Garbage Identification and Severity Ranking Mechanism
112837Frequency reconfigurable polarization conversion metasurface
122877A Predictive Analysis for Early Signs of Dementia
132913A Quick Review on Cardiac Image Segmentation
143127Transient Performance of Voltage Source Converter in V2G and G2V Electric Vehicles Application
153152Environmental Constraints of Optimization Crop Yield Prediction using Machine learning
163303MangoTrace: An Intelligent Supply Chain Decision Support System
173412Reassessing the Performance of ARM and x86 Architectures with Recent Technological Shift
183418Integration of electric vehicles in smart grids: A review of the advantages and challenges of vehicle-to-grid technology
193432Blind Image Clustering Based on PRNU With Reduced Computational Complexity
203591Smart City IoT application for road infrastructure safety and monitoring by Using Digital Twin
214005Software-Defined Networking Security Threats, Solutions, and Real-World Applications: A Survey
224524Developing Novel T-Swish Activation Function in Deep Learning
235393Autonomous Vehicle based on Lane Detection through Computer Vision using Raspberry Pi
245633Textual Cyberbullying detection using Ensemble of Machine Learning models
255646Structural Coverage of LTL Requirements for Learning-based Testing
265789Blockchain-based Accademic Degrees Issuance and Attestation
276204Hardware Accelerators And Accelerators For Machine Learning
286774Network Traffic Classification through Machine Learning methods in IoT Networks
297064Automatic Detection of Breast Cancer through Mammogram Images
307811Detection of Brain Tumor in 3D MRI
317840Assessment of Chest X-Ray Image-Based COVID-19 Detection using Deep Transfer Learning Models
328189Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of Multi-function Relay for Industrial Applications
338559Development of Auto Transfer Switch for Industrial Micro-grids
348954Stress Avoidance and Exercise recommendation Through CVS Posture Observation
359561Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus using Pulse Plethysmograph
369821Dynamic ACL Policy Implementation in Software Defined Networks
379952Acoustic Based Drone Detection Via Machine Learning
389998Predict the Crop-Yield Through UAV using Machine learning A Systematic Literature review